The Davis Agency is a collaboration of multitalented Scott Davis and Joanna Davis who have fused their talents with the best in the industry. It is our experience that only through a collective structure can we can provide all of our clients the required level of expertise, experience, business development and marketing power to capitalize on their target markets as they change over time.

Meet some of our team!

Scott Davis : Chief Marketing Officer

Scott Davis

Chief Marketing Officer

Scott began his 25 year marketing career in the adventure sports entertainment industry. His diverse experience as athlete, sponsor liaison, sales / distribution and producer led him to roles at agencies and corporations in the travel, luxury, placement, automotive and entrainment industries. Scott has extensive experience working with a diverse team of professionals, a proven ability to analyze critical business requirements and develop new business opportunities and implement cost effective marketing solutions. Scott has excellent technical and business qualifications with a diverse background in business development, sales, marketing, advertising, entertainment, intellectual properties, IT, web media and finance.

Scott has collaborated extensively and executed business development, sponsorship, marketing, advertising and PR strategies at high levels with many companies including: BDSC, Saatch and Saatchi, Cadillac, Hummer, GMC, WalMart, Porsche, Nintendo, Lotus, Mercedes, BMW, Turner Networks, Sony, Panasonic, Motorola, Apple, Virgin and Shimano, Microsoft, Olympics 2010,  Dolby Labs, Ritz Carlton Golf Resorts and McDonald’s.

Scott’s experience includes: working with Fortune 500 clients, worldwide product launches, custom evaluations, branding, creation of coherent global multimedia marketing campaigns. Scott has successfully created programs in: business development, marketing, management, promotions and over $75 million in sales.

Joanna Davis : Creative Director  

Joanna Davis

Creative Director  

Project Development, Communications, Graphic Design, Editor, Art Director, Marketing and Advertising.

Joanna is an artist, designer and creative director with more than 15 years of strategic branding experience. At The Davis Agency, she inspires excellence in our teams, creating fully integrated web presences and rich media marketing campaigns. Joanna is responsible for a wide range of lucrative projects which showcase our passions for creating successful brand recognition, company development, communication strategies, marketing and advertising campaigns.

The Davis Agency projects have been successful by creating highly compelling designs for various print and digital media including: design, branding, media and sales presentations, packaging, websites and social media marketing.

Sharon L. Rivera : Business Intelligence | Development

Sharon L. Rivera

Business Intelligence | Development

Sharon has attained a coveted "expert level" in Performance Measurement & Assessment Business Intelligence Reporting & Development. She has worked with legacy systems, North America wide intranets and corporate teams in developing Business Intelligence solutions.

Sharon has successfully established, developed and launched the premiere self-generating and self-distributing Business Intelligence COGNOS Impromptu & ReportNet reporting infrastructure across 4 sales departments (Web/Inbound, Member Referral, Outbound, Hotel Team), Operations, and Training. She analyzed and accessed the source data of a legacy WAN Customer Relations Management database spanning North America and unified data access across various departments with COGNOS Impromptu and ReportNET.

Sharon works with the management teams and collaborated efforts to produce and/or improve over 200 COGNOS Impromptu & ReportNET.  She creates tools that access performance evaluation metrics and filters data inventory of current and prospective lead accounts.

Gavin Gallagher : Director I Editor

Gavin Gallagher

Director I Editor

Gavin offers The Davis Agency clients award winning, professional video and web media production.  Gavin’s innovative videography, direction and creative editing compose stories that draw the viewer back time and time again delivering real business benefits for clients commercials, web  and promotional videos.

Since receiving his HND in television production from Ballyfermot College, Gavin has worked on a broad range of projects, from broadcast documentaries, film, television, sports, corporate projects and sports coverage in Europe, the US and around the world.

Gavin’s diverse experience allows him to convey clients messaging across multiple medias and markets. Gavin consistently delivers effective, stylish and cinematic productions providing clients tremendous value and ROI.

Ted Carefoot : Game Design I Project Management

Ted Carefoot

Game Design I Project Management

Ted is the Founder & CEO of  a video game/social media application development studio, specializing in providing designer board game adaptations + added meta-game features that build them into complete properties.

Ted is an avid gamer since the mid-70s, from the early battles on pong to today's online & social applications scene - a never ending passion for providing & executing creative alternatives for multimedia entertainment endeavors.

Specialties: Business Development, Game Design, Project Management, Mentoring, Team Management

Vertumnus : Photographer



Vertumnus is one of the best photographers we have found to work with. Not only does he put all participants in a photo shoot at ease, his witty nature and fun personality brings out the most original content for a truly inspirational campaign. His candid work speaks to a large audience capturing the worlds most "unique" atmospheres outside of the box. If your looking for original... there is only one Vertumnus!

Specialties: People, Fashion, Fun, Scapes, Festivals, Events, Conference


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